So! It’s official, I’m a podcast host! We launched the Lovelly Travels Podcast in May 2020 and you can listen on Itunes, Spotify and more of your favourite podcast listening points. Or even here on the website, head to the podcast page.

Here’s a bit more about the podcast and what you can expect from our intro episode!

“You’ve tuned into the Lovelly Travels Podcast where we talk about all things travel and adventure. My name is Emma Lovell and I am Lovelly! I have a mission to visit every UN recognised country in the world while raising awareness for mental health. Join me as we journey through my past adventures, speak to fellow travellers and interesting locals, all while following the journey to 195 countries.

But for now, it’s listening time – travel vicariously along with us!”

You can also follow my antics on Instagram, @lovellytravels and learn more about us at the website, You can also join the conversation on Facebook in our group,

So find your favourite place to listen here: Podigee!

Some notes on the show

The woman I mentioned in the show who was the first black woman to visit every country in the world was Jessica Nabongo. Read more here.

Correction: Emma mentioned Swaziland had changed their name. The country is now known as the Kingdom of Eswatini. Emma did state she’s not awesome at geography (*face palm*)

Questions, comments, feedback? Email us,

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