In July 2019, I made the decision to set out on a new adventure and created a new instagram, @lovellytravels, to document it. Over time. This website is going to transform to be Lovelly Travels. Here’s just a little bit about what’s to come!

Hi there! My name is Emma Lovell and I’m a World traveller. I live for travel and it’s what drives me. In 2019, I decided that I would aim to visit every country in the world – 195 according to the UN recognised list – while spreading the message about #mentalhealth.

As of 9 September 2019, I’ve visited 47. I’ll share all of these in posts soon! So there’s a fair way to go but I have a plan and I’m on a mission.
As I travel, I’ll be having conversations about mental illness and how it impacts our lives. I want to share my story, and be there while others share theirs, to continue to a mentally healthier world. It’s ok to not be ok! And I’m going to make sure that message is heard loud and clear.

My next trip is 🇺🇸. So follow along on the stories as I take you on an amazing adventure across the world.

I hope to visit all countries by the age of 40. I’m currently 32. If it’s sooner, yay. So … let’s go! #Lovellytravels

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