I’ve been planning to put up this post for weeks … finally, one day before our adventure begins it’s here. Tomorrow, I’ll set off on an seven week adventure around the world. And for the first time, I’ll be joined by my amazing partner, Mathew! This is his first multi country round the world adventure and I’m so excited to share it with him. Follow us at #QuicknLovellyRTW18.

Here’s the itinerary, jealousy begins …. NOW. #sorrynotsorry

Emma fly to LA – 8 May

Chicago/ Illinois – 8-11 May
LA with friend – 11 may
Matt fly to LA – 12 May
Vegas / Grand Canyon – 12-14 May
Bucks and Hens vegas – 14-16 may
Monterey – 16 – 18 May
Drive to Templeton – 18 may
❤️ Wedding – 19 may
Recover day – 20 may
Cuba 21 – 26 May
Mexico City – 26 May
NYC – 27 – 30 may
Boston – 30 – 31 may
London 1-2 June
Iceland – 2-5 June
Ireland – 5-8 June
London/ Brighton 8-10 June
Cousin’s Hens Party – 9 June
Italy 10-20 June
Positano / Sorrento / Amalfi Coast/ Napoli – 4 days
Florence – 2 days
Montepulciano – 1 days
Rome – 3 days

Fly to London 20 June

Cornwall/ Bristol trip- 3 days – 20-22 June

Stonehenge – Salisbury – Cornwall – Bristol – Gloucestershire

East Grinstead – 22 June

Cousin’s❤️ Wedding  – 23 June
Recovery – 24 June + family do
London – 24-25 June
Fly to HK 25 June
Hong Kong 26-28 June
Arrive Melbourne – 29 June
Fly to Gold Coast – 28 June

49 days – 7 weeks

I’ve told LOTS of people but for obvious reasons, have not gone into detail. It’s a lot to talk about!

IMG_3333 (1)
Adventure here we come!

8 countries. 7 weeks. 2 weddings. Multiple cities. WOW!

We started planning when we were invited to not one, but TWO overseas weddings which were just five weeks apart. I mean it would be silly to go overseas, come home, and go back. So the planning began.

I currently sit at 47 countries total. With four new countries on this list, I am thrilled to be reaching my 50th country on this trip and sharing that with Mathew.

My goal is to write one blog per city, and one blog per country. If I can do a daily blog, then yay. But let’s be honest – I’m going to be busy.

Please enjoy following our adventures on my instagram @lovellyem with #tag #QuicknLovellyRTW18. And if you choose not to, I totally understand 😉

There will be photos! So many many photos!

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