It’s lovely to be back in Munich again. I do believe it’s my fifth visit to this lovely German city and I truly never tire of it. One thing I discovered on my first visit was the SANDEMANs Free Walking Tour of Munich. It was my first experience on this type of tour and I’ve done many around the world. I highly recommend it, so much so that I did it again today – granted it was 11 years since the first one.


This time I’m in Munich with my Dad. It’s his first visit to Germany since he was 16 … so 45+ years! I had an idea of the things we could do and the most famous spots, after a number of visits. But when someone is new to a city and newish to a country, the basics of the history and the top cultural sites are a must. So the free walking tour was an easy choice.


Despite being -1 degree celcius in the city today, we were happy to walk around. It’s Sunday and it was super quiet throughout the main streets. We learned that all shops are closed on Sunday in the centre. Which is quite refreshing. We quickly found the crowds – in Marienplatz! The main meeting spot of Munich and a highlight for many visitors. And thus began our two hour tour.

First, the DPTX9998Glocknspiel! It tours above the square and it’s bells are a delight to hear whenever walking around the city, we then watched the dancing characters and little show they provide –  depicting a famous royal wedding, jousting and the bier makers dance. Very German! Well, very Bavarian!

Next it’s on to some of the dark history of Munich – talking about the place where the Nazi party essentially started the horrible war against Jewish people – now known as the “Night of broken glass”. With the grey clouds and cold weather, you could feel the dark and terrible time that was.

On to the epic Frauen Kircher. I remembered this church very clearly and some of its history. I had thought that it was extremely damaged during WWII, most of Munich was. The point I missed was that actually the English army used the two tall towers with onion like tops as beacons so that when bombing the city, they knew they were hitting the right spot. The roof and one of the towers was damaged, but no where near as bad as it could have been. I also remembered the story of the footprint on the floor – known as the devil’s hoof. It’s a nice tale in a way and a fun thing for tourists to photograph – my foot almost fit the mark!

I won’t bore you with all the history, and we must save some things for when you go on the tour. So here are some of my lovely pics (I think so anyway) from walking around the city.

Another famous stop has to be the Hofbrauhaus. One of the most famous, if not THE most famous Beer Hall in the world. We stop there on the tour for a toilet and coffee break (much needed in this freezing weather). However, I said to Dad, it had to be our lunch place. It was lovely to go in and see so many people enjoying, and although there are many other bier halls all over the city, it’s sometimes nice to go somewhere so iconic.


The tour ends back where we started after a swing by another church with more great stories, a wonderful food market that looked very sad and sorry but in Summer is pumping (I’ve luckily visited there in peak time) and back to Marienplatz.


Big thanks to our wonderful tour guide Karl who gave great info, told some fun stories and gave helpful advice at the end. Highly recommend the tour.

After the tour, it was straight to the bier hall for some lunch! For me, it had to be my favourite Schweinshaxe mit knodel und krautsalat. Pork knuckle with potato dumpling and fermented cabbage salad. Yum! Dad went for the classic bratwurst. And, beers! Prost (cheers in German). Loved it! The atmosphere was great, the food was delicious and the beer as always, was wunderbar!

A walk around the beautiful Christmas markets, my favourite ones next to the Residence and the day was complete. We were a bit cold and a bit tired and we hit up the U Bahn to go home for a rest. I think there might be a seperate blog for the markets, and maybe the Hofbrauhaus too. All in all, a fab day in Munich! Danke!

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