With just two nights and one day in a city, let alone a country, you have a lot to pack in. Our day two was an attempt to enjoy as much of what Singapore had to offer as possible. This is a short summary –  well as brief as Emma Lovell writing can be.

The charming heritage buildings showing the more traditional times of Singapore.

Our first stop was a newish café just around the corner from our friend’s house, Kith Café. They had said that the food was nice, a lot like brunch items at home in Oz, but the service was crazy slow! We were pleasantly surprised when all our food and coffees were out in just 8 minutes. Also the Kopi Coffee (drip coffee with condensed milk) was incredible.

Next stop, Sentosa. We had the cheeriest Uber driver I’ve ever met. He gave us a huge welcome and joyfully drove us over to the island resort. We were going to do the metro but it was super quick and very affordable to go by Uber. Our primary reason for the trip to Sentosa was to go on the Megazip. Congrats to The Bachelorette Season 2 for doing an excellent job of marketing and selling Singapore in their finale. That’s where I first learned of the Megazip Adventure Park.


The staff were super fun and it was a great little activity park. We opted to do the Para Jump – comprising of stepping off a ledge four floors up and held only by a harness, then falling down. It was highly entertaining. Then we had to climb the stairs again, eight flights, to reach the Megazip platform. Eek! 75m up and then travelling down a giant zip line over jungle and beach to reach the end point. AMAZING!!!! Thrilling and awesome views. But not terrifying – a good mix of laughter and heart racing adrenaline.


We pottered around Siloso beach for a while. I’d never been to that side of the island. There is so much to do on Sentosa we didn’t know quite where to start. Cable car, Universal studios, eat more! Ultimately we decided that we wanted to add to our Aquarium list together, and so it was SEA Aquarium in the end that won us over.


It was awesome! Great layout, educational and so many beautiful marine animals. I must admit, it foes help having a marine biologist as a boyfriend to guide you through the many tanks of sea creatures. I did also suggest perhaps a career change again… Singapore life?

Stretch Mr Octopus!

I managed to drag Mathew into the lolly shop and got my way. What’s being a tourist without some sweet treats. We ended our time on the island with a monorail ride and then the metro back to the mainland.

After much deliberation, we decided to take a rest. I do think I’m the energiser bunny but with a night out ahead, we needed a break It was also nice to just hang I the air con for a bit – Singapore is steamy!

Walking on Sentosa can take it out of you – it’s hot!

Out again for pre drinks with our friend. He took us for a walk around the bay and we ended up at the Craft Beer Bar – I thoroughly enjoyed my green beer which had spirulina in it.


Off then to a rooftop bar, a must for any Singapore trip. Our bar of choice was Empire and they also had a happy hour so winning! Gorgeous view of Marina Bay Sands and surrounding areas. Perfect spot for a cheesy couple photo. Naww!


Our highlight for the evening was certainly going to be the trip to No Signboard restaurant for Singapore’s famous dish, Chilli Crab. This was where the locals go and you know it’s good when you’re the only tourists in there. The prices are much more reasonable than Clark Quay for the specialities such as chilli crab.  Fried rice, whole cooked fish and the crab, all washed down with Tiger Beer. The meal was spectacular. The only complaint, the electronic crackers for Chinese New Year going off every 20 mins – ARGH! But it’s all part of the fun and didn’t distract from the wonderful service and amazing food!


Our very full day would not be complete without a trip to the “fake trees”. Matt had been chattering about them so much before our trip and it was his one request for Singapore. The actual name we came to discover is “Gardens by the Bay”. The trees are made of metal and then have plants growing on them. In years to come, they will just look like trees from a distance, when up close it’s a collage of flora items. At night, they are also spectacularly lit up. It was beautiful and if you have only one time to go – go at night! I’m sure it’s lovely in the day, but night time is out of this world – think Avatar in real life!


What a day! Singapore, you’ve buttered me up and I am definitely falling more and more in love with your dynamic culture every time I visit. Thank you also to our amazing hosts. With a lot more travel planned, we can certainly squeeze in another Singapore stopover on route.


View from Marina Bay Sands back towards Gardens by the Bay

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Written on Day 2 of our 24 Day trip in India with stopover in Singapore.

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