It feels like I’ve been talking about this trip forever, and finally it’s here. 24 days. Singapore and India. Friends, sightseeing and adventures await.


We enjoyed a few days in Sydney before we started our trip. We planned this trip last year before we knew we would move to Queensland. Nice excuse to extend the holiday anyway.

Flying Singapore Airlines, we left at midday. It felt really weird. I’m so used to heading out at crack of dawn or the dead of the night. Even though it wasn’t an early start, I slept terribly. It’s something that always happens when I have a big day of travel planned.

Travelling with my partner Matt is always lovely. He’s my human pillow. So when I did want to rest, he was there to lean on. Also someone to laugh at the movies with. I always look a bit loopy LOL’ing at the back of a chair.


Next stop – Singapore! This is my fourth trip to the tropical city/country. I must admit it’s grown on me each time. The first visit was a stopover and I was exhausted. I was alone and had been travelling for 13 months. I was just two days from home but not there yet. I admitted after the stopover that I hadn’t given it the time or attention it deserved. I’ve been rewarded with lovely and more engaging visits each time.

Satay is a must in Singapore

This was a new experience again. Travelling to Singapore with my boyfriend and also staying with our friends who are currently living and working there. It was such a nice way to arrive and start our big journey. We had lots of advice on what we could do and also exactly how to get where we were going for each activity.

Upon arrival we were met with warm hugs and beers. Yes! Thanks! We caught up on all the goss and freshened up to see Singapore through our expat friends experience.



We went straight to the Fullerton where we had a great view of Marina Bay and we actually got there just in time to see the spectacular lights show. All the while being filled in on our friends Singapore Year (which has now been 18 months and there’s more to come.) We perched up at Pelican Bar and enjoyed the pretty views of the marina over delicious cocktails.


Local cuisine was calling and we went to an awesome hawker market. Our friends divided and conquered that place. Before we knew it we were parked at a table with plates of stay skewers, chicken and rice, dumplings and freshly poured beers. Tasty, speedy service and very affordable. This is the Singapore I love to see. The buildings are spectacular and the way they’ve architecture the city is impressive. But the blend of cultures which comes out most prominently in the fusion of foods is what excites me!

We were shattered by 10.30pm, way past our Aussie bed time and it was super easy to just jump in a taxi and head home. Successful day one of our epic trip.

Oh and of course we swung by the Merlion for a classic tourist photo.


If you would like to follow our journey on Instagram, please check out @Lovellyem and search the #tag #EmmaMattyIndiaSing2017.


Written on Day 1 of our 24 Day trip in India with stopover in Singapore.

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