Exotic.Charming.Historic. Just a few words to describe beautiful Bahrain. For a gentle step into the Middle East I highly recommend the Kingdom of Bahrain.

I had a brief stopover in Dubai before my December 2016 visit to Bahrain but I wouldn’t count this as a true taste of the region. Friends of mine from India are living and working and invite me to come and stay.  It’s always the best way to see a country, with locals and friends. At times I even felt like I was in India, being surrounded by my lovely Indian friends and family, listening to Bollywood music and eating Indian food. But they made sure to get me out and about to see as much of Bahrain and experience this country rich in history.

Dubai to me is manufactured and I didn’t get a sense of what the culture of the country is. It’s largely an ex pat state and it is really built for tourists. Although Bahrain is also quite a transient place with 40% of their tiny 2.5 million population being made up of ex pats, they have made sure to stay true to the roots of culture, and incorporated the new well.

I want to share detailed posts about each of the main tourist sites I visited, but I shall share here just a few of my favourite photos shared to Instagram. Enjoy!

Really enjoyed experiencing some history of Bahrain today at Shaikh Isa Bin Ali House.


The Manama Souq in Bahrain, wonderful place to enjoy some shopping and get a vibe for the old markets of this area. They’ve modernized it but the haggling and trading of the souq is still there.


Standing in the courtyard of the Grand Mosque in Bahrain. Incredible structure.


More sightseeing by car. Love this twisty office building near the Bahrain Financial Harbour and in the distance theBahrain World Trade Centre.


Magical lighting brings the Bahrain Fort to life at night.



Lion King eat your heart out! Being a kitty in the Tree of Life in Bahrain.


The Bahrain Fort was the perfect place to finish my wonderful experience in Bahrain. Fortunately having gone to the National Museum the day before, I knew some of the fascinating history of this important site. The lighting was fantastic and I highly recommend going at night.


The Tree of Life.


Beautiful day for spotting some of the key sites of Bahrain. This is the stunning Grand Mosque. Look forward to exploring tomorrow.


Afternoons in Bahrain. Taking in some culture at the National Museum. This is the beautiful view back over the city from the outside of the museum.



Please do yourself a favour, head to the Kingdom of Bahrain and enjoy the laid back and chilled isllnd vibe of the Middle East.

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