Yesterday, in the middle of a crowded shopping center, I had a mini tantrum and Bah Humbug rant… It was contained in a message to my mother, but it happened.

Photo credit: Grumpy Cat

I like to think I’m kind and generous. But Christmas does not bring this out in me. Being told by shops and marketers that it is the time for me to be generous in the form of giving many unnecessary gifts doesn’t fill my heart with joy.

Gift (noun): 1. a thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present.
I was frantically pacing the shops looking for “gifts” to give, without any idea of what I wanted to hand over, because that’s what you do at Christmas. Every year I say “no gifts”. But somehow I fall into the trap.
I’m not a grinch. Not really… But I feel like one. I love seeing someone made happy by something thoughtful and caring. I love giving gifts. But because I want to! Not because I’m told to by a holiday, which is actually about the birth of Christ. So really, the only person who should be getting a gift is Jesus, it’s his birthday. Pretty sure he would want us to be loving, kind and warm to one another above all else. Not pulling our hair out about which crackers to buy, what to have for dinner and how much you’ve spent so far.
I do genuinely wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, the true spirit of Christmas, love. 
So today, I’m sending love to Syria. To all those who don’t have a home, won’t be receiving presents and may not be with loved ones. I cannot imagine what it would be like to endure such constant terror and sadness, with still no end in sight.

Photo credit: World Vision Australia

Today, I’ll make a donation to World Vision Australia. A gift of hope.
I encourage you to think outside of the tree, glitter and gift wrap and open your heart to kindness.

Please donate to World Vision Austalia today:

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