Lego is incredible. You can build whatever you want, whenever you want. It’s a childs paradise of creativity. Often one for adults too. As a kid I remember attending a lego exhibition with some of the sculptures and builds even moving, I’ve never forgotten it. When I saw that The Art of the Brick: DC Comics Lego Exhibition was coming to Sydney, I had to go! It did not disappoint!


Now, this exhibition was meant to close in May! This article was meant to be written when I saw the Lego exhibition back on January 17th… 2016!!!!!! a tad overdue!! But! The wonderful people at the Powerhouse Museum have extended the exhibition to June 13th, 2016! Don’t miss out Sydney.

There’s not really too much I can say about this exhibition apart from the fact it was AWESOME! So I’ll add some comments to some of the pictures here and there and some captions throughout. Really, the artworks speak for themselves!


So remember, head on over to the Powerhouse Museum and get into this exhibition before June 13th!

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