Bhutan – we’re introduced to the city and culture by Rinchen

  Reflections and memories of Bhutan - sharing scattered days of my amazing trek in Bhutan with Team Black Dog Institute: Waking up for our first full fay in Bhutan. I was shattered from a huge few days of travel and had gone to bed at just 8pm! We felt back to ourselves and ready … Continue reading Bhutan – we’re introduced to the city and culture by Rinchen

Win tickets to French film, “Marguerite” showing at cinemas around Australia

Running another movie tickets giveaway!! 5x double passes to french film, Marguerite. There have been 3 winners so far – 2 more to give away!!
Head over to the Lovelly Communications website to enter! Merci!!

Lovelly Communications

We’ve got another wonderful tickets giveaway for you all! The good people at Transmission Films are bringing to Australian screens the French film, Marguerite. Based on the true story of Florence Foster Jenkins, a woman with such a passion for singing she would give everything to live her dream of singing in a grand hall. A drama with heart and passion, you’ll be captivated from the first note.

marguerite1921, the beginning of the Golden Twenties. Not far from Paris it is party day at Marguerite Dumont’s castle. Like every year, an array of music lovers gathers around a great cause at the owner’s place. Nobody knows much about this woman except that she is rich and that her whole life is devoted to her passion: music. Marguerite sings. She sings wholeheartedly, but she sings terribly out of tune.When a young, provocative journalist decides to write a rave article…

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A few days in Queanbeyan to reconnect with my homeland

It's nice sometimes to be sent to a place in your home country that you wouldn't often get to visit. I travel all over the world and see some amazing things, but you know it's nice to just explore your own homeland and see the beauty that is so nearby. I may not have chosen … Continue reading A few days in Queanbeyan to reconnect with my homeland

Sherpa Film – Spectacular!

Here’s a review I wrote on Lovelly Communications about the Sherpa Film. It’s an incredible production and was something I had been waiting to see. We were also lucky to run a competition and giveaway 5x double passes. The competition got some amazing responses and I really enjoyed the disxussions around the movie as well as the topic of “obstacles” and “mountains” we must overcome.

See this movie, it is so highly recommended!

Lovelly Communications

Last weekend I went to see Sherpa Film and was blown away. It was everything I hoped for and more. Everest has a special place in my heart after I trekked there last year with World Vision Australia. It also brought up the conflicts that you feel when heading to this most hallowed place that brings with it political controversy and environmental concerns, the film addresses all of this with pinpoint accuracy.

The cinematography in this film was spectacular. An Australian production and world class cinema. The techniques to capture some of the epic shots of the mountain are unbelievable and it took me right back to the base of the largest mountain in the world.

Emotive and captivating. Sherpa Film draws you in from the opening shots and takes you along an emotional journey as you learn more about Chomolungma, the sherpas name for Everest, their mountain home. I learnt…

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Perth people! Must see Betty Grumble: Sex Clown Saves the World is coming to you!

The hilarious, talented and always  entertaining Betty Grumble is on her way to Perth. She's performing SEX CLOWN SAVES THE WORLD and it is not to be missed. She wowed Adelaide and is a cult favourite around the Sydney nightlife scene. Do yourself a favour and attend! More about this show: Hello Perthlings! Grumble is … Continue reading Perth people! Must see Betty Grumble: Sex Clown Saves the World is coming to you!

Day 3 of #Laxico2016 – Heavenly Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe

See my strategy is to have you all on the edge of seats wondering "What did Emma do on her holiday??" It has noting whatsoever to do with the fact that I haven't made time to post these... or perhaps even write them. Suspense dear Watson. That's the name of this game! ENJOY! Day 3, Wednesday 24 February 2016. SKI DAY!! … Continue reading Day 3 of #Laxico2016 – Heavenly Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe

Cath Styles in SHIFT at Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2016

EXCITING TIMES! My gorgeous and talented friend Cath is back at Melbourne International Comedy Festival with a brand new show, SHIFT!

I’ve always found it fascinating how Cath juggles her professional career psychiatric nursing, with her passion and love for comedy. She nails both but add in family, friends, and life as well as your two work lives…. things get interesting.

It’s on from 5-17th April and we’ve got 2 x Double Passes to giveaway.

Tell us when and how you have lived a double life?

You can pick the date you would like to attend – just answer in the comments below!

Lovelly Communications

We invite you to explore the craziness of a way of life where strange is normal, and normal is strange as Cath Styles presents her new show SHIFT at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2016.

Cath Styles has been a psychiatric nurse for 25 years, and a comedian for 10. Between the nights, evenings, weekends and holidays she’s worked in both jobs, she’s never had a weekend off. Ever! Shift is the show where both her worlds collide, and explores her on again, off again, love affair with her (paying!) job.

SHIFT poster MICF copy

No stranger to finding the funny in the dark and bizarre, the creator of festival favourite Darkness and Light blends stand-up and storytelling to tell touching, and twisted tales of her enduring 25 year fling with psych nursing.

The show will run from April 5 to 17 at The Downstairs Lounge at the Grand Mercure Hotel at 6.30pm. Details for…

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