You had me at champagne!! Blanc de Blanc is an eclectic, vibrant and breathtaking show that brings many forms of cabaret to the one theatre. Sydney Opera House is hosting this amazing show until 28th February, 2016! Do not miss it Sydney!

blanc de blanc

Champagne Cabaret as they call it is the description for this collection of nine extremely talented performers who have come together for a two hour showcase. contortionists, dancers, singers and comedians, they all perform at once in a highly energetic spectacle that leaves you ready to party.

Laugh, dance, gasp in awe and even blush!! Blanc de Blanc is certainly going to engage your senses and keep you talking about it long after the lights go down!

Selfie time with the artists

I saw posters about this show at train stations around Sydney for months. It looked intriguing and a number of friends were talking about it. I’m regularly at fringe festivals where similar cabaret/ circus style shows are on, yet I’m always focused on the comedy scene and tend to miss out. Well, that is to be no more!


An article popped up on my Facebook shared by a dear friend, Emma Maye, who happens to be a performer. I liked it and moved on. Only to a few days later put two and two together and work out that this fabulous woman is actually in the show!! She is the only Sydney gal in the cast and she is exceptional!! Her femme fab racy cabaret fits in well with this incredible show and she manages to stand out amongst all the action. It was amazing to see her in a different style of performance to other things I’ve seen and she really stole the show in some parts.

My selfie with fabulous performer Emma Maye 

Check out this great interview with Emma Maye and more about Blanc de Blanc in The Brag!

A spa in the middle of the room, champagne flowing at all times, laughs, high energy music and some truly breathtaking moments. Sydney! Do not miss this exceptional piece of art. If I wasn’t going overseas tomorrow I would be going again!!

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