So another year comes to an end and again it seems to have flown by. To sum up how incredible it is in one post is simply impossible, but I would like to share some highlights. 
I would also just like to say, sorry! To you, and to myself. I love writing. I really do. And this year, I’ve not made time for it and not shared all my wonderful experiences in the way I truly want to. I get to see and do so many amazing things, I’ve actually at times not had the headspace to recount it. But I know when I do, I love it and it’s worth it. So in 2016, expect to hear a lot more from me as I again make my writing a priority. 
Here are the highlights: 

– ringing in the new year in London with one of my most wonderful friends, comedian Abigoliah.

– Skiing in Germany for the first time with my friend of many years Tobi

– Cycling in Vietnam with 32 Dutch women who raised more than $240,000 for girls education. 

– Trekking to Everest Base Camp with 18 amazing people and raising more than $100,000 as a team for World Vision Australia.



– Meeting my World Vision sponsor child Kamala in her home town in Nepal. 

– Running my first ever social media workshop in Sydney 

– Getting my diving license after doing a training course with my wonderful boyfriend Matt.

– Moving to Melbourne for 3 months to work with World Vision Australia in their media team. Something I had always dreamed about, the one company I wanted to work for. 

– Travelled to NZ for a gorgeous wedding, taking an epic road trip and catching up with lovely friends 

– Doing a girls ski weekend with my DWA buddies with Hailey showing off her snowboarding skills 

– visiting Cairns for the first time with my Dad and brother, celebrating Dad’s 60th

– Seeing my gorgeous cousin Jackie get married to her lovely Dan in England


– Meeting Karla Koala and spending time with her lovely mummy and daddy in Germany, including taking her (at 6 weeks old) to her first bier fest! 

– Trekking the Himalayas in Bhutan and finding out what true happiness is! Also raising funds for Black Dog Institute and awareness for mental health. 

– Celebrating the engagement of my brother and his fiancée 

– Extending my contract to work with World Vision Australia 

– Celebrating one year with my beautiful boyfriend Mathew who is incredibly supportive of my crazy adventures and all that I do.   

– Spending down time in my lovely home city, Sydney 

(Taken on the ferry this very morning)

– And so much more that I can’t even express without making this 30,000 words 

“There are so many reasons to be Happy” what a beautiful way to close off 2015 and head into an incredible New Year! I feel so blessed to have experienced to learn from, family and friends to love and who I know love me, and a wonderful world to explore Xoxox Happy New Year everyone 
Bring on a wonderful 2016!

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