I’ve discovered Toms shoes and I can’t ever go back! I’d heard about Toms shoes for a long time but had never got myself around to buying these shoes and now I have I’m so happy. They are comfy and good looking shoes, but also give me the chance to give back.

photo 5

Of course rainbows were the only choice for me. I love rainbows and I see them everywhere. To see them in the Toms range, it was the easiest choice. They were a little tight at first but as the helpful sales assistant told me, they will stretch a little and now they fit like a glove. I wear them 3-4 days a week.


Now the important part! Toms is ethical fashion! Something that is becoming increasingly essential for me when looking at what I purchase. Toms make it easy. They are upfront about what they are doing with their shoes and how they are giving back around the world.

photo 3

“With every product you purchase, TOMS will help a person in need. One for One.”

You can pick them up from HYPE
You can pick them up from HYPE

“Our Giving Shoes are brand new and made for school and play. We provide multiple styles and offer a range of sizes to fit kids from toddlers to teens.”

photo 1

They also give water, safe births, sight and kindness. Learn more about how TOMS give back here: http://www.toms.com/what-we-give 

In 2013, TOMS committed to producing one third of our Giving Shoes in the regions where we give them. Local production helps to build industry and create jobs and sustainable futures.

Since committing to local production, TOMS has:

  • Created over 700 jobs in regions where we give
  • Produced over 8 million pairs of shoes in 5 countries
  • Employed an equal ratio of male to female workers

photo 2

So happy to be supporting TOMS and look forward to more purchases in the future.

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