Look at all these beautiful items I’ve bought from the initiative of Iranian women imprisoned for their #religiousbeliefs #bahai. They made these items in prison and they send them to one of the women’s sisters here in Australia. Her friend through my work is selling them on to us. After sharing the first post, my friends and family have asked me to get these items on their behalf.

Last week I bought this beautiful handmade purse. It was made by #Iranian women in prison for their #beliefs in #bahai religion. A colleague at work is raising funds for them by selling these things they made. This was just $8. If you would like me to get you one, send me a private msg and we can arrange transfer $$ and deliver it to you! Love supporting causes through #handicrafts


The power of good. Did you know Iran you have to PAY to be in prison? This will help these women’s families support them during their difficult ordeal. 

These women will have to buy everything from toilet paper to shampoo and clothes for them to wear. Nothing in prison is paid for, they even pay a daily board fee  
Please do contact me if you would like to know more about these women and how you can help them. 

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