Since living in Melbourne I’ve vowed to get back into my commuting lifestyle of the cyclist. With all my good intentions, it’s turned out to be nothing but epic failures. Perhaps having a half decent bike would have been a good start to my cycling habits but alas no. I tried to dust off my old bike from when I lived here 18 months ago and it just isn’t up to the standard.

This is the 3 strikes which left me to abandoning my bike pursuits. From here on out, it’s joy rides only for me. I’m not a bike commuter. Enjoy my #epicfails.

bike 1

11/06/15 – On the bus, in Lycra shorts in #winter#bikefail. Rode to the petrol station, tried to pump up tyre, tyre deflated completely. Also realised caps for valves are missing… So now I look like a #cyclist …. On a bus!!!!

bike 2

14/06/15 – Epic #bikefail #2. Rode to train and then had the intention of riding from train to the #1000steps for my walk. Nope! Train replacement bus from #Blackburn. So I’ve had to abandon my bike at the station and now will go on for anyway… Perhaps #Melbourne, you’re telling me something… I’m no longer a #cyclist.

bike 3

15/06/15 – Epic #bikefail #3. 3 strikes you’re out! I tried to give you a good run my old friend but let’s face it … You’re crap! My second hand/ or even 5th hand bike is no good for riding to work. I got to the train station today where I left it yesterday & planned to ride to work from there. But no love. It was squeaky struggle street all the way. I’ve admitted defeat & left it at another train station where I shall walk it’s sorry butt home tonight. Sigh. Back to tram commuting for me #Melbourne

Wish me luck on my other excercise and training ventures!

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