It is my profound joy to share with you that I am working with World Vision Australia in the media team on a full time three month contract.

world vision

I have taken on this position as of May 25th 2015 and it is a wonderful opportunity. I’m working with incredible people in the media team to share the incredible work of World Vision Australia.

During this time, I will still be running my business Lovelly Communications in a low key manner. Please do feel free to contact me about your marketing, PR and social media needs for contracts beginning in the near future or further down the track.

I will continue to be a member of the World Vision Blog Ambassador team and to share my experiences in the field when visiting with World Vision in various countries. I will also be continuing my sponsorship of Kamala in Nepal through the child sponsorship program at World Vision Australia. I have been sponsoring children through World Vision for 10 years and this is a program I plan to support both personally and professionally for a long time to come.

This is a declaration that all views are my own shared on my blog and social media channels.

Thank you to everyone for their support in taking on this role. It’s an incredible opportunity to work for a cause and an organization I am truly passionate about.

Written by Emma Lovell, Director Lovelly Communications and owner “The Traveller Em” blog. 

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