Today I have purchased a beautiful handmade scarf from Nepal in the name of fair and ethical fashion trade in third world countries. You can learn more about this wonderful initiative via Trade for Freedom and the blog of Matt Darvas. 

I saw this activity posted by Matt and his colleague Connie Khoo. I wish to in future be purchasing only from ethical fashion and product sources and this is a great first step. This can help to give these women a better life and see fairer working conditions for people in Nepal. Something so essential in general but more so as this country will rebuild after the terrible #NepalEarthquake disaster.

freedom scarf

This winter, join me in keeping warm in a much cooler (pun intended), caring, and fashionable way! We have partnered with Trade for Freedom to provide you with the Freedom Scarf– A simple, beautiful and meaningful way to stay warm this winter.

Please watch the video below of my time spent in Nepal with the women making these scarves for you.

So how does this work?

1) You purchase a Freedom Scarf through Trade for freedom

Perfect for yourself, a friend, your mum, sister, wife, girlfriend, your neighbour’s second-cousin’s-petdog’s-friend’s-niece… (really, who wouldn’t love this)??

This is an exclusive offer. Click here to order your scarf now

2) ‘Beauty For Ashes Nepal’ artisans hand-make your Freedom Scarf

Beauty For Ashes Nepal (BFAN) is an inspiring social business that empowers women through positive, sustainable employment. Each Freedom Scarf is made of 100% up-cycled sari material, meaning no 2 scarves are the same!

You can learn more about the women making your scarves here

3) Profits go towards BFAN breaking the cycle of poverty that fuels human trafficking.

Your purchase creates a demand that gives these women dignified and liberating jobs and goes towards sustainable education and empowerment programs for them and their children. If we hit the goal of buying over 200 scarves, BFAN can provide 2 more women with salaries and benefits for an entire year!

 You can learn more about how your purchase contributes to preventing the exploitation of women in Nepal here

Orders close on the 15th of May, and because they are handmade and shipped directly from Nepal, you will receive them 4-6 weeks from placing the order. Get in quick- so you can wear one all through winter!

Thank you for being a part of preventing the exploitation of women in Nepal, and for thinking of others this winter.

matt darvas
Matt Darvas, living in Nepal.

If you wish to help those suffering in Nepal and provide aid supplies for those affected by the Nepal Earthquake. Click here to support World Vision Australia.

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