I’m a grown up. I’m an adult. I am responsible and conduct myself in a mature manner as often as possible. UNTIL I hear that there is a children’s comedy show this Saturday with two of my favourite comedians on a PIRATE SHIP. Then I lose my mind like a five year old who has just spotted Dorothy the Dinosaur at a Wiggles concert.

Harley Breen and Heath Franklin have taken their hilarious comedic stylings and childish ways and combined them to make the most awesome comedy show for KIDS!


It’s to be held at the Sydney Heritage Fleet, on the actual boat. These two larrikins will bring joy to the children, and probably more so their parents, for an hour of fun filled entertainment. So I don’t look like a total looney, I’ll be taking my friend and her three year old son with me. However, I can guarantee I will have the most fun!

Tickets can be purchased at The Sydney Comedy Festival website.


Oh, no! There’s a problem in FuNtOwn!  Sammy the Seagull Has fled with the FunOmatic Fun Wand all the way to WrongTown. Enter our heroes: Captain Fun Pants and his best mate Pirate No Beard. It’s up to the Captain and No Beard to retrieve the fun wand before all the fun has been drained from fuNtOwn forever! But they need your help! Calling all super dooper big boys and girls on a magical adventure.  But you need to brave!  Can you survive the Forest of Farts (pee –yew!) or win a pillow fight to escape Bed Time Island? Join two of Australia’s funniest comedians Harley Breen and Heath Franklin, as they swap late night comedy clubs for late afternoon tents and finally play to an audience their own mental age: children. It’s a FunOrriFic adventure for kids (and pirates) of all ages.

Venue, Date & Time


Sat 2nd May 2015 – 11:00 am

Sat 2nd May 2015 – 2:00 pm

Show Duration


Don’t miss out on this awesome show. Fun for the whole family. Just two shows, so snap up those tickets quickly!

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