Last night I went to see an amazing show of a performer I love, Nikki Britton in The Other 3 Percent. It was well worth the trip out on a Thursday Night and she’s got two shows left in Sydney for you to check out.

The highlights for me were her musical interludes and showing off her amazing skills in impersonations. The woman has many faces, voices and actions and I loved it all.

Travel was a topic of the show and I loved that! There was also organutans, terrible mountain tales and photos of adorable animals. SOLD! I was in stitches and couldn’t wipe the smile off my face!

Make sure to get along Sydney, Tickets still available at Sydney Comedy Festival website.


Humans share 97% of our DNA with Apes. A frightening statistic for the Apes I imagine.

It has long been understood that we are the most intelligent and evolved animals on earth, but a quick glance around a busy food court, car racing event or department store at Christmas time would seem to prove otherwise. Where did these primates stray from their instincts and can we become more magnanimous Neanderthals again? Join this award winning comedian as she journeys, via Borneo, to the heart of our species and asks, “what makes up The Other 3%?”.

Nikki has recently toured the country with The Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow, Sydney Comedy Festival Showcase and the juggernaut sensation, 51 Shades of Maggie Muff. Following her highly acclaimed 2013 festival hit, Abdicating Adulthood, Nikki can’t wait to debut her latest and greatest comedy offering yet in Sydney.

“a breathlessly energetic force-of-nature performance that sweeps up all in her path”– Chortle

****½ “well-written, with a stellar combination of pathos, silliness and observational humour to keep it bounding along. Highly recommended!” – Herald Sun

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