My favourite show of Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2015 is on again and I’m so happy to catch it in the last week of the comedy festival, Darkness and Light. The show is on 7.30pm at

This show is powerful with comedians speaking openly and honestly about REAL issues and matters. IT’s fun and entertaining because they are talented artists, but there stories are also moving. It’s a show of ups and downs, laughs and light, and always entertaining!

Fall down seven times, stand up eight. And tell some jokes about it! 

Comedy gets real as the cream of the Festival’s funny people (and some very special guests) share some very personal postcards from the edge in a show that will make you laugh and cry, but mostly laugh! 

A combination of hilarious stand-up and stunning storytelling, each night is a collection of stories about being human, including tall, true tales about love, loss, coming out, growing up, losing their minds, and the times they nearly didn’t make it. 

It’s not a show, It’s an experience! 

Don’t miss Darkness and Light! 

Some fab reviews!

‘Uplifting. See this show.’ Glass Wings

‘Darkness and Light is no downer. ★★★★’ Herald Sun

‘Surprisingly refresghing.’ Crikey

Get more details here: 


The line ups for the next week!
Cath Styles, Danny McGinlay, Chris Franklin
Cath Styles, Urzila Carlson, Michael Bowley
Cath Styles, Becky Lou, Richard McKenzie, Daniel Tobias
Cath Styles, Wizard Sandwiches, Jon Bennett, (maybe) Greg Fleet
Cath Styles, Jodie J Hill

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