Getting dumped by text message on Saturday night is awful….  or so I can presume… for the poor person who was on the receiving end of this here text!


Sitting at home on my Saturday night just taking it easy and I get DUMPED!!! Thankfully I haven’t been on any random dates lately, so I felt I was pretty safe. Also confirmed when I sent this grab to my boyfriend and he laughed hysterically … PHEW!

But being dumped by text… ouch! And sending it to the wrong number first… #AWKWARD!

So here’s what happened. I received this text. Promptly replied to correct the error.

“This is awkward” Ummm… yes! It is. 


Phone rings…

“Hi, Emma is it?”

“Yes this is Emma”

“Ok I’m sorry, but who the F*$# is this?”

“Haha… wow…this is Emma Lovell”

“Well then how the F*&^ do you have my number.” I’ll point out, this is a girl! And clearly with a bunch of friends and drinking as I can hear them.

I knew exactly how she had my number and I also knew this was about to get a whole lot more awkward. I sub-contract to a company sometimes to do calls for them for travel enquiries. People are interested in some travel and I call to answer their questions. I can call 100 people a day, and I do use my mobile. I smirked as I replied.

“Well, I’m pretty sure you have my number as you may have enquired about a trip with the company I work for. I would have called you the other day.”

“Oh …. wait? Is this about that group travel?”


“So you called me about that”


“OMG!!!!! This is so awkward. Please don’t tell anyone about this. Oh wow! How embarrassing.”

“It’s ok haha I call a lot of people and they often don’t know who I am.”

“So wait. As a girl (well observed young lady *sarcasm*), would you think that message is ok? I mean, if someone sent that to you, how would you respond?”

“I’m sure it’s fine. I think you’ve let them down nicely. All the best with the dumping.”

“Oh no! It was just one date, and it’s been awkward since I keep getting messages… so thanks. Oh and by the way, I’m still really interested in that trip so I’ll call you tomorrow.”

“Well… I’m going to Vietnam tomorrow, so it’s best if you call the office.”

“Oh great! Yes, I will call the office. Do you have the number?”
“haha I’ll text it to you so you can contact them. Again, all the best with the break up. Or message…”

“Thanks so much!! And sorry, again, most awkward and embarrassing ever.”

So. This was my Saturday. I messaged her with my standard work, please call the office message and she wished me a safe trip to Vietnam. RANDOM!


Ok, most awkward ever!! Never a dull moment.

Check your numbers and perhaps… give someone a call and let them know… She’s just not that into you!

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