This is the second day of my active, regular blogging… and I can’t say I leapt out of bed with excitement. In fact, I woke up to gusts and howling wind barrelling down the passageway behind my window. This was not an enticing beginning to the day. A quick weather check, 17 degrees and windy in Sydney with sunshine to come. Not enough to get me out of bed and walking 1.5hrs to the city.


This decision, made under the warmth of my doona, was in hindsight a poor choice. It turned out to be quite the lovely blue sky and sunny day. However, my wind predictions were correct. Windy and cool in Sydney and not the nicest of walking weather.

Today I worked in the city and had my Tour Leader briefing with Inspired Adventures. In 4 short days I will be off again, this time to Vietnam. I’ll be leading a team, with another lovely Aussie lady, of 30 Dutch women who have raised more than 170,000 Euros for Plan Netherlands. That’s more than $240,000 AUD. Super impressed by this group and can’t wait to meet them. The team is called #cycle4girls and you will be able to follow us on the Inspired Adventures Blog. We get briefed on all things communications, logistical and personal that will be important for the trip. It’s going to be a really interesting bunch and a very different itinerary to what I’m used to. Can’t say I’m super excited for the 100km day of cycling, but I am excited to ride amongst the big palms and enjoy a coconut or five!

I participated in my first ever book club. Tim Winton’s, Eyrie. Did I read it? No. Did I attempt it? Yes. Will I finish it? TBA. I am enjoying it so far. It’s just that I gave myself just 10 days to read it. 415 pages. EEK! I’m not a fast reader and I do tend to let my mind wander as I read. However, It was lovely to meet with a great group of girls and discuss some aspects of the book. So I now have 3 part read books sitting on my nightstand. Hoping some plane and bus time over the next 10 days in Vietnam will give me the chance to catch up.


I went home to meet with my Dad, brother and brother’s girlfriend for dinner. My brother and I decided to play a little rough and tumble in the kitchen. He punched me, so I punched him, he punched me back, so I gave him an uppercut to the stomach, he took me in a headlock so I pinched his arm underneath in the softest fleshy part. Dad was furious… We had a ball! Love acting like a kid with my big brother, age 29, I am currently 27…. Bring back the biff!

So, the format of these daily rants are going to be somewhat disjointed. They may in fact be rants. They could be a story that stood out from my day. Perhaps just ramblings of my day as seen above.

How was your day?

P.s. I’m enjoying this already. *Feeling a sense of achievement*

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