So, I’ve been slack.

Terribly terribly slack.

Last year I posted 93 blogs here. I’ve told a few people this statistic and they’ve said “wow! So many!” But in my eyes… This is not good enough. I thought it should be closer to 400.

For all the travel I do, places I go, people I meet and experiences I share, there should be a blog every day. It’s hard to do that every day… Things always come up… But there are also so many excuses.

I want to set a goal in 2015. To write more. To share more. To be more fluid with my writing. It’s a practice. The more you do it, the easier it becomes.

I’ve been inspired by the magnificent Eden Riley who writes passionately from the heart & regularly. She writes with caution thrown into the wind and with a richness one simply cannot resist. I want just a taste of that when people come to browse this blog. We met on the #WVAblogger ambassador trip to Uganda and her blog prowess wowed me!

Less is more. So! I’m planning to stop writing epic essays to rival the likes of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Instead opting for more of a “daily thoughts” style. Of course I will still share amazing places I go, reviews of activities and accommodation, profiles of travellers and events coming up. I will just be getting more writing practice.

Please do help me with my goal by interacting with this blog. I love feedback and would love to write what you want to read as well as sharing my own crazy sagas.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and word filled 2015!



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