As I sit in the airport and wait for my flight back to Australia, I take a few moments to reflect on my TOP 10 moments of this trip. Well, it’s all been rather amazing but there have been stand outs. I think the thing I realised this afternoon as I stood by the river Thames at my Grandmother’s house, is that this country is part of me. It’s where my heritage lies, it’s where my family is and where I have so many friends. I’m blessed to be able to visit so frequently ( four separate visits in the past 12 months) and I’ll continue to take every opportunity to visit my families homeland.

Now! For the pictures!


Such a spectacular sight of swans on the river Thames in Staines. I’ve loved feeding these beauties since I was 9 years old at my Grandmothers house. Simple relaxing pleasures.


Glorious frosty morning in Surrey, England. Can’t wait to see snow in Germany/ Austria at the end of the week.


Lovely winter walk with my Marcham girls. Brisk, crisp but always love our walks in the English countryside.


Winter wonderland. Christmas day was gorgeous here in Surrey, England.


It’s Primrose Hill darling. Yes. Primrose! Walking around the Camden area before 2015 begins…. eek!The_most_beautiful_Christmas_morning_here_in_England___yay_winter_with_sunshine_

Such a gorgeous Christmas morning. What a blessing to be here and have a day like this.Wonderful_winter_walk_on_Christmas_morning_with_my_lovely_Aunties.

Christmas day walkies with my lovely Aunties in Oxted. Great chats and came back to the boys preparing the meal. WIN!They_re_married_____benlarniwed

They’re married!


Bridal party selfies!! My beautiful friend Larni.


London Winter Fashion. Pretty sure we nailed it Abigoliah. Pumped for NYE.

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