I love this new promotion for BITE BACK as part of Black Dog Institute’s program for youth in 2015. Young people have the chance to make a plan for ways to challenge themselves in 2015 and even win prizes. Here are the details!

bite back

Share your big plans to get the most out of 2015. Some massive prize packs are on offer!

There’s always room for more of the good stuff and it’s great to launch into the new year on a positive note. So for this competition, BITE BACK wants to hear about the positive things you’re doing to take life to the next level.

To sweeten the deal they’ve got 5 prize packs to give away for the most captivating entries including Fuji instant cameras, zombie speakers, an ice cream maker, desktop mini pool table, and heaps more.

So how will you BITE BACK in 2015?

Entries close soon! Visit http://www.biteback.org.au/competition for more details

bite back promo

Loving this idea of taking positive steps with mental health. Setting plans and making goals are important for a bright future!

In 2015, Emma Lovell will take on the Trek to Happiness in Bhutan with Black Dog Institute. Emma is aiming to raise $3500 for this wonderful organisation. Each year, Black Dog Institute aims to advance the understanding, diagnosis and management of depression and Bipolar Disorder and improve the lives of those affected by these mood disorders. Please help Emma in this cause by donating through the online fundraising page:

You can follow Emma’s adventures at: 

Instagram: @Lovellyem
Twitter: @lovellyinc
Blog: www.travellerem.com
Facebook. www.facebook.com/lovellycommunications

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