Excited to go to this event. The Afterlife has always fascinated and frightened me. I’m not sure what I believe or what I know but I know I want to learn more.

Death is one of life’s greatest mysteries. Do we really die and simply no longer exist, or does our soul continue on a journey after we draw our last breath? The big question is what do the experts say?

The inaugural Australian Afterlife Explorers Conference will be held at the Parramatta RSL in Sydney’s West from January 24-26 in 2015. It offers a fascinating line-up of experts, researchers and authors.

The Australian Afterlife Explorers Conference has built the bridge between science and spirituality. Conference goers will get the chance to harness the latest in-depth knowledge and evidence.

Some of Australia’s most knowledgeable professionals will be presenting including Debbie Malone – spirit medium and clairvoyant, Barry Eaton, broadcaster and author, retired lawyer Victor Zammit, International President of the Michael Newton Institute, Peter Smith, and Australian academic Michele Knight.

“My expectation is that the Afterlife Explorer’s Conference will confirm, many times over, that we are spiritual beings incarnated in physical form, rather than human beings striving for some spiritual existence. ” (Mick Turner, organiser)

“With absolute certainty the evidence shows that life does go on and you will see your loved ones again.” (Victor Zammit, speaker)

“One of the most important benefits of this conference will be to help people realise that life is ongoing, only the body dies.” (Barry Eaton, speaker)

“Interdimensional Trans Communication (ITC), which is inclusive of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) provides empirical evidence about the multidimensional nature of consciousness, and people attending the Conference will have their minds challenged and expanded.” (Rob Smith, speaker)

Whether you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, curious about what happens when others die, or pondering your own mortality, then this conference will leave you feeling less fearful about death, inspired to live a more loving and purposeful life, and comforted by new thoughts of your loved ones in the afterlife.

The conference is expected to attract psychologists and medical practitioners, spiritual observers and members of the general public. Do we really die, or is there life after death?

Website: www.afterlifeexplorers.com.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/afterlifeexplorersconference

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwAm5lNbc0c&feature=youtu.be


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