When you are sent to country specifically to do a task, blogging and sharing our experience, the internet becomes somewhat crucial. When the country you are in is Uganda, this tends to pose a problem.


I was in Uganda with World Vision to learn about the projects they work with there through the child sponsorship program. My key role was to share my stories of what I saw there. All well and good until your internet decides to be a poo! No connectivity in rooms. Slower in the mornings due to the amount of people online. Leaving me with the option of late nights, a tad exhausting when you’re up at 7am each morning for a massive day of site visits.

Borehole project
Borehole project

The internet is something we take for granted. It’s at the tip of our fingers and it connects us to anywhere in the world. It makes us feel closer to our loved ones despite being separated by 1000’s of miles of land and sea. We can communicate our message to people we would otherwise never reach.

Emma with Emma. YES! We had the same name.
Emma with Emma. YES! We had the same name.

And then!!! It stops working … Dah dah dahhhhh!! Tragedy strikes! #firstworldproblem central. You go all Lion king on your phone, raising it to the sky as Rafiki raised simba to the sun on pride rock! If I just reach a little higher… I may get signal. NOPE! You just look desperado and crazy.


We did however get access and I did get some stories out. With so much content to share and only small windows to do it in, it became a case of “social media spam explosion” my Twitter feed, Instagram roll & Facebook wall were flooded with images of incredible people I’d met in Africa. I’m sorry to my audience … You get what you’re given! Inspiration overload!


I was super excited to get back to Kampala with the hope of major city internet accessibility. Sweet!! More time with internet meant I could spread out my posts and share my content over time. Nope! You peaked too soon Emma, the interwebs has failed again.

The room connection was patchy, the restaurant had four networks to choose from with little success and again my long list of Instagram posts I’d carefully written out and filtered to the max would have to remain in their “failed” status! No!!!!!!


Look! It’s going to be ok. I know, one day, somehow, I will have a good connection again! I will be able to scroll freely on the internet without the “wheel of death” on my apple iPhone! But it was frustrating to say the least. My key role is to blog and share content on social media, this is also my profession at home, without the internet – my role is null and void.

Once I return to Australia, I shall calm the farm on my mass posting. I have the most incredible content crom such an amazing few days in Uganda visiting the work of World Vision. I’m so inspired and have so much to say but this imposed internet waiting time is slowly teaching me to be patient. The content is still valid, it still can be shared and what I have seen really does make a difference!

A sub county meeting of amazing World Vision volunteers and staff in Nabukalu ADP
A sub county meeting of amazing World Vision volunteers and staff in Nabukalu ADP

Stay tuned for many more posts and images from my incredible experience in Uganda.

Thank you for reading my ranting 🙂

P.s #ilovetheinternet #iforgiveyouinternet #internetforthewin

Please do learn more about the work of World vision:

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How sponsorship works.

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