Today is my last day in India. Cannot believe it’s been 3 weeks already. I don’t feel sad though, I know I’ll be back. It’s been another wonderful trip once again showing me why my heart fills so full in this country of rich culture and beautiful people. Truly, this is Incredible India.

 IMG_4629 IMG_4512
Temples and rocks in Hampi, Karnataka, India.     Sunrise on top of the World at Hunaman Temple.

Making incredible new friends who show you their beautiful country and share magic moments.
A wedding in Goa at sunset on the beach of my beautiful friends – a moment to treasure.
Overnight bus rides on winding roads to wake up in the Mountains between Mumbai and Goa.
A maid dresses in finery to keep the dusty house in Mumbai clean.IMG_3778
A friends company prospers in IT as I update my iPhone with a fun new look and freshen my hairstyle.IMG_3902
Relaxation is part of the wedding celebrations as we enjoy the spoils of tropical Goa at Dona Sylvia ResortIMG_4894 IMG_4855
A joy to visit the Anganwadi Project in Ahmedabad and see the amazing transformations that education can give a community in this area. Lovely to meet Australians here helping these local communities and to celebrate with them the Diwali festival. Arts and crafts with this little sweetie was a blast.
IMG_4784 IMG_4975
From Classrooms and colourful decorations, to the local elephant walking through the streets this was the experience of Ahmedaband, Gujurat, India. A great surprise stop on my travels.
IMG_5519 IMG_5522
To the majesty of Mumbai and the regal history of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. Sunset spectacles.IMG_5584
Finally, simple, delicious and authentic Indian cuisine in the comfort of a friends home in Mumbai.
Welcome! NAMASTE! This is my India.

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