Today we went to Hanuman temple in Hampi. We went to watch the sunrise. It was incredible! The fresh morning and this sacred place. And also Hanuman is the monkey god so it was wonderful to see monkeys everywhere! Hanuman is my favourite of all the hindu gods.

IMG_4479 IMG_4418

We were sitting out looking at this incredible view when a monkey came and sat behind me. I asks my friend Maruti what it was doing, just sitting. Then another monkey came along. A bigger one. He was about a metre back. Ok. Just chilling with the monkeys. No biggy. Well then the monkey behind me went over to see big monkey and he JUMPED HER!!! I was like “NO!!!!” The poor little thing….


After the … activity… she came back over and sat behind me and huddled into my back.

“I’m sorry my little one. I can’t save you!!! Just tell him NO means NO!” She started to play with the back of my skirt. I just wanted to comfort her poor dear after her ordeal. But there’s NO WAY I’m getting in the way of an alpha male monkey at a monkey temple. Then another big monkey jumped next to me and I screamed! That was enough funky monkey action for my morning!


As we were leaving, I saw another couple of monkeys doing the monkey business on top of the temple stupor! WHAT IS THIS!!!


Moral of the story. Monkeys have no shame and no respect for their monkey god Hanuman and his temple birth place.

IMG_4474Then I took a shower. “Shudders”

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