It’s a tough day when you have to roll out of bed to brilliant sunshine, sparkling blue waters and you have to do a training walk in a tropical paradise…. NOT! Has to be one of my fave training walks so far.


Headphones in, shoes on and no wallet or bag, just my iphone and some wicked tunes. I jived along down the street and spent my whole walk waving to locals and saying “HELLO”. It’s such a delight to see the island life and the closeness of the people here. It’s a real community and it was so great to be amongst it.


It’s only a tiny island so it wasn’t long before I was at this beautiful lookout to the heads and the edge of the South Island.


Walked along past some glorious blue waters.


And some more blue waters.


And enjoyed the bright and beautiful colours of the village where we were staying.


Ended the walk with a peaceful swing in the hammock – reflecting upon the quote that reads on my shirt “ It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves” – Sir Edmund Hillary.


Tropical training is definitely not going to prepare me for Everest – apart from the endurance and the excessive sweating – but I think it’s training I’d like to continue!




I’m climbing to Mt Everest Base Camp on March 7, 2015. Sponsor me and support the work of World Vision Australia. You can follow our adventure on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the hash tag #everestbasecamptrek2015 and by following @inspiredadvntrs – Thank you for your support!!


For more photos of my adventures, please do follow me on instagram @Lovellyem and follow my Twitter account @ Lovellyinc.



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