So 2014 has kicked off at a crazy pace with travel, interstate moves and a whole lot happening. And it ain’t slowing down any time soon. Here is a bit of a summary of what i’ve been up to thus far:


  • January – 5 days in Sydney
  • January – Working at the Australian Open in Melbourne
  • February- India, Mumbai for a conference and visiting friends
  • February – Adelaide for Adelaide Fringe Festival for 7 days
  • February- Cambodia for the Team World Vision Cycle, 5 days cycling as part of a 10 day amazing trip.
Team World Vision in Cambodia with our Inspired Adventures t-shirts on
  • March ย – Moved from Melbourne back to Sydney… for good!
  • March – Back to Melbourne for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival!

That brings us to today. So it’s been an interstate and international travel fest of late. Amazing activities, very tired and so much learning and growth. I can’t wait to get back to Cambodia and learn more about that incredible country. I’ve booked flights back to India to again be with dear friends I consider family. And now working on this incredible Comedy Festival and planning my future career!

Having fun with my guide in Cambodia
Having fun with my guide in Cambodia

So it’s been a whirlwind to say the least and it’s only going to continue with a crazy amount of travel planned for the remainder of the year. I’m off overseas for 4 months and these are the current/tentative plans

  • April – England for a wedding
  • May – Canada for a music conference
  • May- Indy 500, Indiannapolis, USA
  • May- Chicago/ Roscoe, Illinois, USA
  • May- Mexico, Baja California and Monterrey
  • May- NYC, USA
  • June- LA, San Fran Cisco, San Diego, California, USA
  • June – Austin, Texas, USA
  • June – Hawaii, USA
  • July- Bahamas – Dolphin Retreat, Yoga, meditation – swimming with dolphins!
  • July- Chicago/ Roscoe – Illinois
  • July – EUROPE – Ibiza, Germany, England, Croatia and more…
  • August- EUROPE – England, Scotland, Italy, Greece and more…
  • Returning home August!
Spending time with lovely family in UK
Spending time with lovely family in UK

And then……

It continues!

  • Fly to Sydney
  • Moreton Island, Queensland for family visits
  • October – India!!! 3 weeks road tripping around with friends and DIWALI festival


Working at conferences overseas!
Working at conferences overseas!

That’s my mad 2014! And who knows, I’ve still got September, October and November, relatively free… more to come!


Hope to have more stories coming again soon.

4 thoughts

  1. hi there! I am loving your recent posts!!!
    I’ve been bitten by a travel bug, any cures? just kidding! ๐Ÿ™‚

    i’ve also blogged about being infected by it, here’s the link to my recent post

    what do you usually feel when you’re about to jet-off?
    do you hate airports and airplanes?

    hope to hear from you soon!

    Deanna ( )


    1. Thanks Deanna

      Lovely to meet a fellow traveller and apologies for my delay in getting back to you. I’ve been travelling for almost 4 months and it’s funny, it’s been harder to keep up with the blog then when I’m at home!

      I love airports and aeroplanes. It’s my downtime. My time to relax and recuperate between people and destinations. I’m always going to and from people or activities. So when I’m in the airport, I’m alone 95% of the time and I love the chance to switch off and wind down. I sleep well on planes too, so that’s good ๐Ÿ™‚

      Look forward to reading more from you too .


      1. Thanks again Deanna!!

        I’m glad I can inspire you! And you’ve inspired me to post more regularly. I have so many stories to tell and so much to catch up on so I look forward to sharing them with you.


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