Packing up my life today has been an enlightening experience.

I’m quite disgusted at the amount of items I have accumulated over 3 years and the amount of “baggage” I have.

I make this vow- I will not buy any new items of clothing, accessories or shoe wear until 2015.

I ask that anyone wishing to give me gifts this year opts to make a donation for incredible charities such as World Vision Australia or Black Dog Institute.

I have a big goal I’m saving towards and would rather invest in the only thing that will make me richer, Travel.

Please friends – hold me to this vow, I feel passionately about it and look forward to carrying less baggage in the future.

Citizen of the World
Emma Lovell



This picture was taken in 2008, Arusha, Tanzania. Visiting my Sponsor Child with World Vision Australia – The best day of my life by far, and has given me a new perspective forever! I will always think of him as aim to live more minimally and focus on the important aspects in life. 

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