I’m back in the land I love so much- India. This is the true home of my heart. As soon as I arrive I feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease. It feels as if I’ve never left and that I’ve returned to everything I know.


This was my 7th visit to India. 7 times in the past 9 years since my first visit in 2005. I’ve made so many wonderful friends and experienced so much each time – it just keeps drawing me back.

IMG_9786 1

This trip was specifically to attend Air Cargo India 2014, a conference run by my  friend Priyo Patra and an event I had attended 2 years ago. I have a background in the freight forwarding industry and now work in marketing and PR which I apply to this industry. I thoroughly enjoy the event, the chance to be with my friends, meet new people and assist in the thing I love working on, social media and PR. I also get the chance to be in my favourite city in the world and visit my other dear friends. So – the choice was simple, and I booked the ticket.

The set up is on for Air Cargo India
The set up is on for Air Cargo India


I shall return again in October for the wedding of my dearest and darling friends Priyo and Namrata. I couldn’t be happier for these two and already consider them to be like a sister and brother to me.

My gorgeous sister Namrata
My gorgeous sister Namrata

I think for the rest of my life I’ll be making visits at regular intervals and getting to know this country more and more.

How can you not love India! Westin Hotel
How can you not love India! Westin Hotel

Oh and I learnt this new phrase! “Athiti Devo Bhava”- it means “Guest is God”. This is entirely true of India and everyone embraces this. You are treated with respect and care, no matter how many times you visit and all are welcome! I will embrace this phrase and make sure to practice it also in my daily life and future encounters with my friends, family and guests.


MY favourite cold coffee drink by the pool
MY favourite cold coffee drink by the pool


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