Very excited to see the talented Bart Freebairn back on the festival circuit! One of my favourite Australian comedians and just such a genuine performer. This show is going to be a cracker so don’t miss it in Perth at The Fringe World.

Bart Freebairn

A bit more about the show:

Bart Freebairn
The Age of Wonder

Do you remember when you were little and you made a pillow fort and it was awesome and then mum baked potato gems for lunch and things didn’t seem like they could get better until you found out friends were coming over to play ninjas with you in the backyard? What a great day. This may not have happened to you but that said when did you last feel a sense of wonder at the awesomeness of your life and the world?

Follow Bart Freebairn on a fun filled journey into wonderment and the silly things we did to find what we once had as children in The Age of Wonder You are in safe hands with Bart. He has been about the Australian comedy scene for a few years now. In that time he has appeared on the Comedy Channel, TripleJ and written for Channel Tens Good News Week. Bart is also a festival regular having done shows at Adelaide Fringe Festival, Brisbane comedy festival and Melbourne Fringe Festival with audience and critical acclaim.

This is his first Fringe World.

Look no further for an hour of comedy full of heartfelt tales and laugh out loud moments as Bart guides you through nostalgia, dreams and the wonderment to come.

” …turns ordinary tales into wonderful adventures”

Adelaide Advertiser ★★★★

“…a joy to watch” The Age ★★★★

Venue: Deluxe
Address: The Pleasure Garden, James Street, Northbridge, WA
Dates: Thursday 30 January 2014- Tuesday February 4th
Tickets: Full $22 Concession $15
Mates Rates or Groups of 6: $15
Times: 10.45pm all shows

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