Sometimes you luck out on a plane with the people you sit next to and sometimes it’s an absolute disaster! I thought in this case it would be the latter but it turned out to be the opposite and I had a charming woman sitting next to me on my flight from Australia to China.


When I got to my seat she was already sitting down and I went to put my luggage up top, she was a bit oiky about it and was seeming to tell me to be careful of her stuff… I thought ok lady… you’re kinda in my way! GREAT! 10 hours of this. She also seemed to be muttering to herself a bit or sort of commenting on things. I was a bit tired and felt run down and was really not in the mood.


I was watching a movie and she was laughing – I looked over and she’s looking at my screen. She said “I think I’ve seen this before… it’s very funny.” I smiled and nodded and carried on watching. She then continued to watch and laugh at times, she informed me she was reading the sub-titltes in Chinese…..ohhhhhh… OK!!? WHAT!


As the flight went on – she would every so often say something or assist me to get a water from the waitress or again laugh at my movie. She was quirky and fun. And she wasn’t at all rude, or oiky, she just had a more forward manner and she spoke quickly. Not bad at all.

china s

We ended up chatting a little throughout the flight and she was asking me about my trip, my visit to Europe and my stay in China. So I warmed up over time and started to chat to her more and more.


As we landed, we were chatting away and I warmed to her very quickly. She was so funny when she was packing up her stuff and getting off the plane, just a real bright spark. She was giving me great advice on my hotel and how to get around in China.


We ended up walking through the airport chattering and I even bumped into her once we’d parted and me met out the front. I gave her my card and we exchanged details. She was there just in time as well. I’d called my hotel to book the transfer but I really wasn’t sure if the message had got across or if I had got the right info of where to meet the bus. I ran over to her in the taxi queue and asked if she could speak to the hotel for me and clarify. She kindly took the phone and as they spoke, my ride arrived.


This was such a delightful twist to my journey. I love how you meet people in the most random places and planes seems to be one of my common meeting points. Just be open to experiences at any time.

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