This year I was fortunate to visit the jungle of Borneo Island. This was a dream to visit the Orangutans and see them in the wild. It was just the perfect time to get away as well after a busy year, an island getaway was just what we needed.


We flew to Singapore on Singapore Airlines and then it was just a $240 return flight to Borneo – so we thought… WHY NOT!


View from Hyatt Regency
View from Hyatt Regency

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Kota Kinabalu and it was lovely. On the water and 5 levels up, we had an incredible view. Lovely restaurants to choose from and incredible pool area.


A great meal just around the corner from our hotel pleased us greatly with the Indo/Malay flavours that are found in Borneo and for so cheap – 30 Ringit or $10 (AUD) for two of us to eat and drink!

Days were spent by the pool – finally a chance to relax.


One day trip to Sandakhan and off to meet the incredible Orangutans


Baby Oranutans seen - tick! Great visit to #sepilok #borneo Got the t-shirt to prove it :)
Baby Oranutans seen – tick! Great visit to #sepilok #borneo Got the t-shirt to prove it 🙂

Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre – A must see and once in a lifetime. I remember seeing these beauties when they first arrived at Taronga Zoo in Sydney and they were fascinating, but that’s got nothing on seeing them swinging from the trees in their native jungle. Amazing.


Sandakhan Memorial Park to remember the Australian and British Prisoners of War who died here. I was moved by this site and this is somewhere I would want to visit again. An important and shocking piece of our history. 2,500 soldiers died here. Lest We Forget.


Buddhists by the sea. A beautiful temple with incredible view.

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Island visits off Kota Kinabalu – Island hopping is a must here.


Cocktails and Juices. Tropical drinks were the order of the day on my holiday.


My dad. My travelling partner in crime. We’ve had some incredible adventures together and I’m so glad we organised this one together and got over there.


Borneo is a beautiful Country with an interesting past and a questionable future- we all must work to preserve beautiful environments such as this jungle paradise. Visit there and learn more for yourself –


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