There’s a little known secret in Ibiza that is the drummers on the beach of Benirras. A meeting of like minded people who come together to watch the sunset and make beautiful music.




We were lucky to have a chance meeting with a friend of my friends in the Cala Llenya Markets on the Sunday who informed us that the Benirras drummers were meeting today at the beach. Apparently in summer, this is a huge event and no one can park anywhere near the beach as there are so many people flocking there and people walk for miles to be a part of the action.



It was a much quieter affair whilst we were there. We grabbed some snacks and drinks at the supermercado and headed down to the beach. A group of 30 or so people were met by a closed down restaurant near the beach and the music had already begun. We found a spot and rugged up with coats and scarves and blankets-  the temperature is dropping now it’s December. The sunset didn’t appear to be offering much so instead of sitting on the beach, we perched up near the music.




There didn’t appear to be a leader of the group or a structure. There were a core group who led the main rhythm and then anyone could join in and play along. There were beginners and people with pretty hard core bongos. There was a man dancing around and loving every minute of it – a  child with dreadlocks and a waist-coat frolicking about, people dancing and singing and some flutes and other such instruments.




I walked off alone to check out the beach and caught the beautiful closing colours of the day. Sunsets and the colours of the sky is one of my favourite things in the world. I could watch this everyday and endeavour to do so. I can never take enough photos, I just want to capture every amazing sketch that the clouds and pigments in the air can paint. I felt so calm, happy and at peace as I stood and watched the day fade into night as the sounds of the drums flowed out over the sands.


IMG_5231 1


What a beautiful way to finish a Winters day. Make sure to get along and enjoy the beach culture of Ibiza and perhaps even join in with a bit of your own rhythm.



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