One night in Australia, I was planning out my trip for Europe. Only a week to go and I was contacting some family and friends and firming up some plans. I was trying to leave some dates open and flexible as I tend to over plan but start and end dates and when you’re staying with people, need to be firmed up!


I called my Grannie dearest and spoke to her about my arrival on 22nd November. She said yes you’re coming soon and when I again mentioned the date she said – oh no! That won’t work. She had made alternate plans and seemingly forgot my arrival – despite prior conversations. I said it was ok and hurried off the phone, but I’m not going to lie- I was devastated. I was fuming and felt like the whole trip was a big waste. I was on Facebook and felt like making a big rant when this poster came up below.

Sushi Boy classes

It was my friend Anne-Marie and she runs a sushi business in Ibiza and was offering classes. I said “Maybe I will” as I hammered the keyboard with my bitter fingers! We took the conversation to a private message and after a short time I decided, actually, an island getaway after the crazy year I had was exactly what I needed! It had been 25 degrees in Winter and the island was quiet and peaceful and beautiful. DONE!

IMG_5148 IMG_5214

After looking into flights, I realised it was going to be a touch more expensive then I hoped and started to back away from my impulsive decision and think perhaps.. it’s best I consider my options more carefully. After consultation with a few friends- and my not really liking the other options or feeling up to researching a whole bunch more ideas, I went with it! $500 (AUD) flights is a small price to pay for some paradise!

IMG_5137 IMG_5138

This turned out to be the BEST decision I’ve made in yonks!! Check out the photos above and below. Paradise. I woke to sunrise on my first day with a red glow filling my bedroom, I walked onto the terrace to see the glowing ball rising above the land to start the day. We watched drummers on the beach, munched on jamon and sipped on sangria. I learnt to make sushi and did solid workouts on the beach and in the garden, things I’ve not had the chance to do at home for a long time.


Most of all, I got to relax and enjoy the company of these two beautiful and inspiring people. I knew there was something special about them when I met them in Australia and I’m just so proud and happy to be around people who are choosing to live their dreams and make the most of their life. These guys are running a business in this tropical paradise and finding the true meaning of work/life balance. It made me so happy.


The only problem now, I’m hooked on this island life! I’m already planning my return visit for 2014 for some more relaxation but also next time, it being peak season in the Summer, a bit of party time!


If someone invites you into their life for an hour, a day, a week or more- take the opportunity to experience what the grass is like on the other side- here it was pretty green!


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