There’s no place like Europe to experience the beauty of Winter and the festive season. Innsbruck, Austria, is now the epitome of this example for me! The snow capped mountains surrounding the town, the glistening Swarovski crystal Christmas Tree by the river and the cute cottage stalls typical of a classic Christmas market.


There were actually a few Christmas markets throughout the town but I think the one by the river was spectacular. As soon as we came across it my heart filled with warmth and I felt like it really is Christmas time. The smell of the wurst stand and the richness of the gluhwein drifting across the market.


The pretty little unique things that you just can’t find anywhere else which sent me into a Christmas gift buying frenzy that I most certainly did not intend on. But when you see something special and think of a loved one, it’s an easy decision to buy for them!

IMG_5439 IMG_5430

We also wandered into the Old Town where there were more of the wooden stalls scattered throughout giving this already quaint and pretty city more charm. We tried some of the delicious local delicacies, speckand deer prosciutto and then went for a tipple at the Tirol geniessen Schnapps store – when in Rome!


As previously mentioned, the Swarovski Chritsmas tree was something unique and spectacular. They also had a gluhwein stand situated next to it with unique mugs with the Swarovski gems encrusted on them for a delicious souvenir.


You could walk under the Giant Christmas tree and take in the ingenuity of the design by staring up through it like a kaleidoscope, I was then delighted to see that at night, it was even more spectacular as it was lit from inside and it’s crystals sparkled and shone over the markets. I do love my sparkly things and I think this is now no.1 on my list. You can also visit the Swarovski exhibition in the centre of town and enjoy more of the incredible pieces made by this company, located not so far from Innsbruck itself.




The markets run from 15 November 2013 to 16 January 2014 in Innsbruck, Austria with more details at the website. This is a truly lovely place to enjoy the splendour of Christmas with a beautiful back drop every where you turn.



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