Living on the island of Ibiza, running a sushi business and house sitting luxury villas in the winter – this is the life my friends have chosen.


I recently stayed with a couple I met in Australia in 2011 working in the promotions industry. They were travelling and had the dream of going back to the UK and opening a sushi business like the ones they loved so much in Melbourne. I thought great!! Within a few months they were off and home and had started working on everything. I was sad to see them go but proud to see them so determined and following their dreams


After being back in the UK for a year or so, the next thing I see is they’re moving to Ibiza. Ok. They had lived there before and probably knew some people – I didn’t realize they were taking their business Sushi Boy UK there to cater private parties on million dollar yachts and so on. They were following their dream and had up scaled it and were now targeting a niche market and rocking it!


Much to my dismay, my friends disclosed to me on their first day that sometimes they now refrain from sharing their stories of their life their in Ibiza because people were complaining. The lovely lady was posting messages of hope, positivity, inspiration and motivation and notes about their incredible life and successes. And people back home- just did not like this. Well excuse my language, but this is Grade A Bullshit!


I too have experienced some negativity for my “overly positive” outlook on life. I get criticisms such as “Don’t you ever work?” “You’re always on holidays!” “It’s easy for some!”. Well yes, it is easy actually. I decide “ I want to visit my friends in Ibiza”, then I buy the tickets, make the plans and hey presto! I’m here enjoying an incredibly relaxing time and sharing special moments with amazing people. It wasn’t hard, it was time consuming and did cost me money, but it rewarded me with so much relaxation and joy – something I’d pay for any day of the week.



travel makes you richer

We all make decisions in our life and choose the path we wish to take. Don’t sit at home on Facebook looking at others jet setting around the world and having incredible experiences and say “ I’m jealous” or  “I wish” or “If only…”.  I’ve seen life pass by too quickly for some people and for some, their beautiful young lives cut short. I have made the choice to live every day to the MAX and make the most of every opportunity. Every action I take, has a reaction and I do this in the build up to a future that I’ve created and designed for myself.


Congratulations to my beautiful friends. They are living the dream! They have paved the way for their future and they are working hard but also each day living it and reaping the rewards. For them, working long days in the summer catering for big parties and functions – then enjoying the quiet paradise of the beautiful Island Ibiza is their choice and it’s making them happy.


The beautiful life in Ibiza ends the day like this!
The beautiful life in Ibiza ends the day like this!

What and where is your happiness??

I’m constantly working towards mine and enjoy each day for what it is.




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  1. Amazing post. I can’t believe I am the first to comment on it. Your story about your friends is very inspirational and it makes me think of new exciting opportunities. This world needs more bloggers like you! Bravo! I am an official fan.


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