This was my first time flying with China Southern Airlines and I was most impressed with the experience. I picked the flights as they were the most affordable and I also thought, why not, I’ve been hearing a lot about China this year so it’s probably time to go.

china s

The flights at Christmas time were approximately $1500 (AUD) which is almost unheard of for Australia to UK return – with the Christmas period being one of the most expensive times to travel. I did leave before December 1st which helps. I also included a 2 day stopover on my way back to give me a chance to see the city.


The check in was easy and they gave me the option to check my bags right the way through – which meant no hassle during my stopover in Guangzhou for the night.


guangzhou china
guangzhou china

The seats were incredibly roomy and I was very happy with the cleanliness and look of the cabin. The in-flight entertainment system, which I was told wouldn’t be included, was as good as any other airline if not better in some ways and I was kept busy for all of my 10 hour flight to China. The food options were tasty and had a western and Asian selection- the only thing I would say is I would like ice for my drinks.


The service was not great – in terms of friendliness, they were a tad abrupt. However, they were prompt and came quickly when I rang the bell and regularly walked around with water to top up our glasses.

china southern

The toilets were unique with an automated seat down and flushing functionality- not important but fascinating.


All in all, after two flights, including a 10 hour and 12 hour, I was very comfortable and happy. I most certainly will be looking at this option for future Europe adventures.

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    1. Thank you. I really like to share my experiences of the different airlines- and highlight the ones that are really good for their price, value for money and service. Definitely recommend this one.


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