It’s always fun to run around Melbourne on a beautiful Spring day!! And Sunday 17th September was perfect for the City 2 Sea race, 14km run.

IMG_5046 1

I have done this race before in 2011 and I did the City 2 Surf in Sydney 4 times – so I knew what to expect and I knew I wasn’t ready. Perhaps training 2 months out instead of 2 weeks out would have been better. But still, it’s a fun run and I did indeed have fun!

Exhausted at the end
Exhausted at the end


We started off near the National Gallery of Victoria off St Kilda Rd – And it was packed. More than 13,000 people there and everyone with nervous energy. Lizzie and I were excited and a bit scared to get going but so happy with this weather.

IMG_5009 1IMG_5016

I tracked my progress along the way taking photos at the 4km mark, 6km mark, and 10km mark … perhaps this did slow me down. Especially the 4km mark when I stopped with these two ladies to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Why? Because Westpac was donating $50 for every person who stopped and sang! How amazing! As if we wouldn’t stop!


It’s always a great achievement to compete in one of these races and although I wasn’t quite as fit as I’d like to be, I did laugh and smile and have some lovely moments throughout the race. Especially when I saw my event manager friend Boydy at the 7km mark and get a big hug and chat from this incredible girl who had done such an amazing job working on this event.


Motivation as we run form Adidas
Motivation as we run form Adidas


Another great thing about competing in an event such as this is being invited to attend the VIP City 2 Sea After Party. I will run a 14km race every week if it means finishing up with a couple of ciders and some beautiful gourmet food! Lying in the sun, relaxing with my friend on a Sunday having achieved so much so early in the day. Oh and then to finish with a massage!!


City 2 sea – Hope to see you next year!


Finish 14km success
Finish 14km success


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