Night Noodle Market has been mentioned a number of times on this blog – but this time for a different location, Melbourne. The famous Sydney food event as part of Good Food Month is now offering Melbournians the experience of this festival.


Set up in Alexandra Gardens just off the hub of the city- the Yarra River, Federation Square and Flinders Street Station, the Night Noodle Market is easily spotted by commuters as they hop off trams and head for trains. It’s a beautiful sight in the early evening seeing lots of people flocking into these beautiful gardens to enjoy a wide variety of flavours and foods.


Lights through the trees, Asian style decorations, bar areas decked out like the Oktoberfest marquees and food stalls as far as the eye can see. I was lucky to attend on the second night of the festival and it was pumping. The opening night had attracted 25,000 people and actually temporary close the doors to manage the flocks of people.


Night two was perfect with a warm atmosphere of light and relaxed people tasting amazing food from all around Melbourne. Queues were long and you did have to wait but it honestly didn’t take too long, and if you’re up for trying anything, just jump in the shortest queue. You can also stick around til late and grab some last minute goodies – like the delicious Indian street food of chaat from Autorickshaw. 


I was here with my visiting friend Boydy and we managed to meet up with another few of her friend and make a real night of it. Sharing food, having a few G + T’s from Tanqueray and laughing amongst the colourful lights in this festive area.


The festival is running as part of Good Food Month so make sure to get some friends, grab a picnic blanket and enjoy the incredible Summer atmosphere with some tasty eats.


Night Noodle Markets

November 18-30, 2013

Mon-Tue: 5-9pm; Wed: 5-10pm; Thu:-Fri 5-11pm; Sat:4-10pm; Sun: 4-9pm
Alexandra Gardens, Melbourne


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