August is the month to be in Darwin. It’s the dry season and the weather is just beautiful. The place to spend your Thursday and Sunday evenings in Darwin is the Mindil Beach Night Markets.



On my first night in Darwin my friend took me to the markets for some food, fabulous sunsets and a bit of shopping. The atmosphere was buzzing with people comng after work to chillout on a midweek evening.


I grabbed some Vietnamese food though the choices were great. Souvlaki, dessert only stalls, fresh juices and smoothies, Sri Lankan/ Indian cuisine, crepes and more. I had some squid, bbq ribs and the best spring rolls ever! We took our food down to the beach and watched the stunning colours of the sky change and the brilliant red ball of the sun sink into the water. Life at the top of Australia is pretty good.



There was great live music, fire dancers, a whip cracking master and indigenous music. I loved the bikini stalls, indigenous art works and the hilarious Darwin crafts and souvenirs – such as stuffed cane toads and kangaroo balls. Yes…. Animals skins and hides are turned into hilarious trinkets. It was really fun to browse with my old school mate and host Kenny. A very relaxed night in the warmth of the Darwin air. An ice cream to finish evening made it a great night out.


Kenny and Emma on Mindhal Beach
Kenny and Emma on Mindhal Beach

Mindil Markets run for the entire dry season and now there are just 3 weeks to go so get there whilst you can.

Paradise in Darwin #NTAustralia
Paradise in Darwin #NTAustralia


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