Melbourne, Australia: This year marks the first annual Globelight Festival, showcasing local and international talent across lighting art and design.  Globelight launches on the 2nd of August 2013 in Melbourne and runs until the 24th of August.

Curated by James Tapscott and Sam Mitchell-Fin, installation artists from Melbourne and Sydney respectively, Globelight was born from a desire to create a festival that not only recognized the popular spectacle of the medium but one that also celebrated innovation and experimentation in both lighting art and design.


The festival is working with two separate spaces: the Anita Traverso Gallery in Richmond and the Abbotsford Convent, which allows the festival to work with both ready-made design pieces, site-specific works and large-scale installations, exposing the full breadth of the talent that exists in the lighting industry.

The Anita Traveso gallery will predominately house the design pieces, some being potential prototypes for commercial production. Abbostford Convent, which officially opens the following night, Saturday 3rd of August, will exhibit video, installation and site-specific works including more experimental pieces.

Along side Tapscott and Mitchell-Fin, 16 artists have been chosen for the inaugural year, and include 2011 FX International Interior Design Award Winner Kent Graton and German installation artist Max Sudhues, who was one of the youngest artists to have work selected as part of the first annual Light Biennale in Germany along with big names such as Dan Flavin and James Turrell.

The Festival aims to become an important inclusion on the local and international cultural calendar being the only festival of its kind that exhibits a such a wide variety of works across both light art and design in Australia.  The festival has already attracted the attention of the lighting community and related industries, thus confirming the need for such an event that supports the growing number of artists and innovative designers working in this medium.

Globelight 2013 is not to be missed!

For more information please visit

 invitation to launch


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