This year I have had the pleasure of exploring more of my own backyard, Australia. I often fly when I travel but due to opportunity and access to a car, I’ve been able to see so much more of this great land by taking road trips in South Australia, Victoria and Northern Territory. Travelling by road is an amazing way to see unexpected locations and stunning vistas that you just don’t get to experience when flying. This is why I am so excited to have found DriveNow, a business offering One Way Campervan Hire Relocation.


drive now

DriveNow offer you the chance to take a road trip for next to nothing. Seriously, from $1 a day you could take a campervan from Adelaide to Brisbane or Darwin to Alice Springs. With a fuel allowance of $50 or more available and a range of Km included free, this is an affordable way to enjoy a mini holiday or a grand tour in Australia.



Why is DriveNow doing this you ask? Rental companies frequently need to move and relocate campervans around the country. Instead of paying a driver, they offer them to the travelling public at knock down prices producing the perfect win-win outcome.


You can visit the DriveNow website to browse the various vehicles on offer or sign up for the Relocation WatchList and be alerted when great deals are available.  Applying to relocate the campervans is easy with friendly staff to help you once you make an enquiry and a step by step process on the website.

Example of Campervan Hire relocations offer
Example of Campervan Hire relocations offer 


There is some great feedback on the website from Gary & Elizabeth, happy customers who love the Campervan Relocation service:

Without the opportunities you have given us to relocate your vehicles we would never have had the great Great GREAT opportunities we have had to see So many parts of our magnificent country. Our relocations have been from Alice Springs to Darwin, Darwin to Perth, Adelaide to Perth & Brisbane to Alice Springs.”



This is a service I will certainly be looking into in the future. I have so enjoyed travelling around Australia and to know that I could take an affordable mini break to some great destinations around our country makes the decision easy. So who’s up for a road trip?

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