Today two incredible boys finished a whopping 514km journey from Sydney – North Coast of Australia to raise money for Breast Cancer research through the McGrath Foundation. This is so inspirational, I just wanted to share this story with you.


Here is the campaign and the words from the boys themselves:

Hello all,

Myself and Ben Maddern are at it again. We have spontaneously decided to attempt to run Sydney to Brisbane totalling 1000km in just 10 days this July. Our Melbourne to Sydney run consisted of running 1000km over 21 days resulting in pure exhaustion and more injuries than you could poke a stick at. Needless to say this is a massive step up and we will be putting everything on the line to complete this run.

Similarly to our M2S run, we have decided to fundraise for the McGrath Foundation. McGrath breast care nurses are simply irreplaceable in supporting individuals and their families when confronted with breast cancer. Money is constantly needed to sustain the current number of nurse’s with additional nurses always needed.

Due to the daunting nature of the run and uncertainty if we can even get to the 1000km, we are proposing sponsorship based on kms. This way every single km we run/walk/crawl we will be making money for the McGrath foundation. For example, if you pledge 1c per kilometre and we only complete 657km you donate $6.57 to the McGrath foundation. You could pledge 20c and we end up running 1011km in 10 days therefore donating $202.20 The bottom line is, when we are hurting… every km will matter and we will push. Please post your pledges in the comments section on this page or our blog (link below). Alternatively, you can simply donate a lump sum. Either way to donate click on the link below and follow the prompts.

Please follow and leave messages of support at our

Please donate at:

Thanks in advance,

Joel and Ben

Ben and Joel - Champions!

Ben and Joel – Champions!

Here is a message from one of the final blogs from Nick Hayes who wrote on their behalf as they travelled and who did their last super challenge with them :

I know the boys said their thank you’s yesterday (well I did for them, the lazy sods), but I’d like to personally thank you for the donations you’ve all made to the McGrath Foundation, a great organisation, that the three of us will continue to promote and raise funds for. Every dollar counts! 

On a final note, thank you to everyone who read and shared the blog (ok, so thanks to the two people who read it, ok thank you Ben and Joel for reading it). Spreading the word about this massive effort and worthy cause it’s what it’s all about. And a big thank you to my two best mates, Joel Craddock and Ben Maddern. Without you, this all wouldn’t have happened (well clearly-I’ve never really understood why people always say that? It’s pretty obvious). You two are heroes whether you know it or not, your efforts are nothing short of bloody inspirational, and your feet smell (this is a fresh blog).

Nick Hayes


If you can donate and spread the word, please do! What an epic and amazing journey these boys went on- and now the fundraising and counting of the $$ begins!

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