So this is terribly late, as I was there on Opening Night of the wonderful play “One Man, Two Guvnors” and tomorrow will be closing night. But here it is – This show is fantastic, a must see!

This is actually the end of the shows World Tour here in Melbourne. A brilliant show from the UK, it was slapstick, sharp, witty and hilarious!

I was honoured to attend the opening night with my friend who was photographing the evening, and very excited to be there for the opening night as there were more than a few A-listers around. Quite the thrill. It also meant a packed house and an amazing crowd for the players to perform to.

For me it was lovely as it reminded me of my high school drama days. The style of play and that british humour was something we put on for our end of year performance-  great fun to rehearse and something that most audiences will enjoy.

One Man Two Guvnors

“The original West End production of one of the most successful comedies ever staged by Britain’s illustriousNational Theatre tours to Melbourne, directed by Nicholas Hytner.” – See the Melbourne Theatre Company website for more details.

The season was extended to…. tomorrow! 29th June. Apologies for the late notice but definitely one to watch out for in future. Thumbs up from me, a brilliant performance and wonderful night out.

Playing at the Arts Centre Melbourne, Playhouse

Arts Centre Melbourne
Arts Centre Melbourne


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