I’ve never seen a Porcupine in my life.

I’ve certainly never seen one crossing the road.

Nor would I expect to see one on a leash crossing the ROAD!

But low and behold…… here they are, 2 little funny porcupines on a lead being walked across the street by this woman.

I was in hysterics!

porcupines sri lanka

“Touch it madam” She says

“Oh no thank you, that’s ok” I politely reply.


“Madam it ok! Touch it!” She insists

“EMMA!!! Do not touch those things!” My dad screams from the back seat of the car.


I take photos of the hilarious little(well huge rather) things as she tries to get them into place for me and they shoot their spikes off their back.


I’m pretty sure – this is one of the craziest things I’ve seen in a while on my travels! Great laughs!


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