Recently I received the most beautiful email from a young woman who shared with me her passions, her aspirations and her dream.

She also shared with me her admiration an gratitude for the choices and actions I’ve taken in my own life. I was absolutely flattered and actually moved by this gorgeous email she sent to me.

Working next to a beautiful waterfall in Dharamsala, in India

(Working next to a beautiful waterfall in Dharamsala, in India)

This email reminded me of why it is I do what I do. What drives me and how passion is so important in our work and our lives. I’m so fortunate to do what I love for work and also to be able to travel with my work and meet so many wonderful people. I am thankful for getting to follow my dreams and I will continue to work towards my goals.

Working next to a beautiful waterfall in Dharamsala, in India

(Working next to a beautiful waterfall in Dharamsala, in India)

This lovely young lady has given me permission to share it here.
Hello Emma! 
            How are you? I wanted to reach out to you regarding your blog and company. I’ve briefly reviewed both and was relieved to finally found someone who travels the world, blogs and is an entrepreneur! This might sound strange but I have been trying to find someone who does just that because it’s exactly what I want to do with my life.. I think. I’m a senior at Columbia College Chicago majoring in Marketing Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and have been desperately seeking an answer to the question of what I want to do when I graduate. 
            Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been passionate about writing and traveling. When I was 12 I traveled to Australia as a “People to People Student Ambassador” and ever since have been intrigued about our world and everything in it. My family doesn’t do much traveling besides the typical family vacations to florida every summer. Last August I backpacked through Nicaragua and Costa Rica with my friend for two weeks and it was the most amazing experience I have ever had. I’m hooked and have been trying to travel and experience new and exciting things ever since. It’s something that I’m very passionate about and want to turn it into a career somehow. 
            Traveling can be expensive, as you know, and I honestly don’t have a lot of money to spare because once I graduate I have to start paying back my student loans. Yuck! It’s hard for me to see a light at the end of the tunnel because I’m not sure what the pay is like for a travel writer. That’s where my PR skills can come in and why I already admire you so much. You have turned your skills into a business that allows you to work online and wherever you are around the world, no? I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to hear your story of how you got to where you are, how you started your business, what your typical day consists of and many more questions that I’m sure I will come up with. 
            While at my internship today, I found out that my grandma was rushed to the hospital. She’s okay, but I’ve been pretty down because I know that the time is approaching when I won’t be able to open my mailbox to her cookies and heart-warming letters anymore.
Seeing that there is someone out there that is living my dream life has brightened my day. 
Thank you!

Do you have passion for life? Do you have a dream? Do you have a goal?

Voice it! Go for it!

Thank you lovely girl for reminding me why it is I do what I do!

Travelling the world and working in my own business. It's a Lovelly Life

Travelling the world and working in my own business. It’s a Lovelly Life!

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